We specialize in helping organizations implement, upgrade and maintain Siebel CRM software.  

  • Our team of Siebel experts has been working with Siebel for over 15 years and many are ex-Siebel employees or have experience at large consulting firms
  • We offer lower bill rates that are typically offered by our competitors
  • We use proven development and project management frameworks to reduce time and save costs

Below are some of the specialized services that we offer for Siebel CRM customers.

Fixed Price Upgrade Assessment

If your organization is considering upgrading its Siebel instance, we recommended that you understand what you're in for first.  To help, we offer a fixed price Siebel upgrade assessment.  In a matter of weeks, we will perform a pilot upgrade of your custom repository in one of our hosted Siebel environments.  Afterwards, we'll conduct a formal presentation of our findings and will provide you with a set of deliverables that will document in detail:

  • Steps taken to perform the upgrade
  • Issues and errors encountered
  • Conflicts that were reported by the upgrade and recommendations for how they should be resolved
  • Proposed architecture changes for the upgraded Siebel system
  • Draft project plan for the actual Siebel upgrade
  • Proposed cost to perform the upgrade
  • Upgrade best practices

The output from this assessment can then be used by your organization to properly plan and execute the upgrade. 

Siebel Upgrades

We have experience with Siebel's latest Innovation Packs and use our expertise and published best practices to guide organizations through the most complex upgrade initiatives.  

  • Comprehensive upgrade planning and management
  • Complete your development upgrade quickly by leveraging our Siebel Environment Service.  Click here for a recent success story.
  • Repository conflict and defect resolution
  • Resolve Open UI formatting and behavior issues
  • Production Test Upgrade tuning
  • Automated QA regression testing

Open UI Customization

Siebel's new Open UI interface allows organizations to break free from Internet Explorer and ActiveX but it usually requires customization before it can be released to users.  Furthermore, Open UI's flexibility in introducing new, powerful features into the Siebel user interface can greatly enhance its ease of use and it's now easier than ever to expose Siebel on mobile devices.  Our team has the necessary experience to assist your organization in the following ways:

  • Identify and resolve Open UI display and usability issues for a successful Open UI rollout
  • Customize and enhance the look and feel of Open UI via changes to Siebel, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Expose Siebel Open UI on mobile devices

For more on the latest trends with Open UI, check out our blog here.

Enhancement and Maintenance

Many organizations need help every now and then to enhance and maintain their Siebel system or perhaps they have concluded that it no longer makes sense for them to do it themselves.  Bloomspire can help.

  • Low cost options for performing maintenance and enhancement work on an as-needed basis.  Discounts available for monthly or yearly commitments.
  • We can provide the Siebel support you need in lieu of paying annual maintenance fees to Oracle
  • We provide options for hosting your Siebel environments.  Please click here for more information.

QA and build/deployment Automation

If your organization is not already using automation to perform QA or deployments to your Test environment, it needs to start now.  It is one of the most effective ways to improve quality.  Our experienced team can help you implement automation and realize its benefits.

  • Build a repository of automated test scripts that will dramatically reduce the amount of time and resources it takes to test your system
  • Generate reports that detail testing progress, defects and performance
  • Version control your test scripts in a secure, redundant repository
  • Easily export print screens and other defect details to a document that will help developers reproduce the issue
  • We leverage QA automation software that works exceptionally well with both Siebel High Interactivity and Open UI
  • Allow us to build a process to create Siebel builds and automatically execute automated test scripts