Getting Started

It’s easy.  Review the pricing page and determine the package that’s best for you.  Don’t worry, if you have questions, we’re only a email or phone call away.

When you’re ready, click the order link and fill out the form, answering some basic questions about what you’ll need and how you will name and access the environment.

After you submit the form, our team will contact you to confirm the setup, review how we should deploy your configuration and collect your method of payment.

Environment Delivery and Acceptance

We will begin to configure your new environment per your instructions.  Once it’s ready, we will schedule a working session with you to test its operation and teach you and your team how to connect to it.

After you confirm that the environment is set up properly and you officially accept it, your billing cycle begins.


In order to use our service, you must bring some of your own software licenses with you.  Specifically, you must use the Siebel licenses that you purchased from Oracle and the licenses you own for your database management system.  We’ve already verified with our legal experts that using your licenses in this way is allowed as per the terms and conditions of your vendor’s standard licensing agreements.  However, if you’d like to confirm our work on this, please contact us and we’ll happily provide the details.


Concerned about security?  Don’t be.

  • We will host your environment within an isolated section of our hosting infrastructure and guarantee that this private network will not be used to host other customer environments
  • We configure rules that prevent anyone but you from accessing the environment
  • By default, all communication into and out of the environment is encrypted.  Data stored within the operating system can be encrypted at your request.
  • Our hosting infrastructure is compliant with industry leading certifications and accreditations.