Siebel Server Won’t Start SBL-SCL-00143 after IP 2014 Migration Installation

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Once again Jon Higgs of Bloomspire has kindly agreed to step up and provide another valuable post for the Siebel Hub  Community. This time he turns his attention to the thorny issue of a post-IP 2014 migration issue.

If you’re thinking about moving to IP 2014, here’s some information that you may find helpful.  We recently ran into an issue after performing a Migration Installation.  After completing the upgrade, we were not able to get the Siebel Server service to start.  A look at the SiebSrvr.log file revealed the following errors:

We found that in IP 2014, the algorithm to encrypt passwords has changed from RC4 to AES.  However, none of our passwords were automatically re-encrypted by the upgrade scripts.  We had to do this manually.  We went back to the Siebel Security Guide for IP 2014 and found that the change in encryption level was documented:

However, the guide specifically states that the re-encryption will be handled automatically:

In addition, for Windows, the re-encrypted password value must be updated in the service’s registry entry.  Here are the exact steps that we took to resolve the error:

Re-encrypt Siebel Passwords
> Open command window
> srvrmgr /g <<gateway>> /e <<enterprise>> /u <<username>> /p <<password>>
> change ent param Password=<<password>>
> change parameter DSPassword=<<password>> for named subsystem <<custom odbc>>
> change parameter Password=<<password>>, TableOwnPass=<<password>> for compdef srbroker

Updating the Windows Registry

Open the siebns.dat file in a text editor and locate the [/enterprises/ES81/parameters/Password] section.  Copy the setting for the “Value” parameter.

Use Regedit to update the ImagePath value for the HKey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\siebsrvr_ES81_SS81 key with the password copied from the siebns.dat file

After completing the steps above, we were able to start the Siebel server service successfully.  We hope that this helps members of the Siebel Hub Community avoiding this challenge as they experiment with IP 2014.

Until next time, have fun!