Integrating External Web Service Content into Siebel with Open UI

Historically, when we integrate Siebel with external systems we do so via business services and workflows at the Siebel server layer.  Given the new capabilities of Open UI, Jon and I thought it would be fun to see if we could write a plug in wrapper to call a .NET web service that was hosted on a Linux server and display it in a user friendly format.

How to Override the Applet Method Invoked in IP2014's Presentation Model

Recently, we upgraded an environment from Siebel version 7.8.2 to IP2014.  As we were performing testing we noticed that some applets had ++ images while others had + images to add records to applets.  This was really confusing to the testing team.

We found the underlying cause was that the Aurora styling displays the + image for controls invoking the NewRecord method while it displays the ++ image for controls invoking the CreateRecord method.  We also noticed that the CTRL-N hotkey was not adding a new record to the applet for the controls that invoked CreateRecord.